Next Week's Film To Watch: Running Scared

Three passionate Uptown, NYC friends who love and enjoy movies break down their favorite films from current releases to older classics. No film is off-limits, no matter how obscure. Every week we announce a new film and give you a week to watch it...then we talk about it. This is our contribution to film appreciation.

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  • 014: Gaudi

    What a time. This week we watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona and talk impulsiveness, to wingman or not to wingman, passion v. responsibility, and polygamy. Eddy B also introduces us to the 2016 new term for being unofficial...and Carlos transforms into the relationship Rev Run. Click here to get a free audiobook and support the show!

  • 013: Betty Boop

    Back again! This week we watched American Mary! We talk feminism, body modification, the medical world and fake bodies on Eddy B's Instagram. Jeff also reveals that the Soska Twins may have given us the meaning of true love. Click here to get a free audiobook and support the show!

  • 012: You're Money

    This week we watched Swingers and try to find out who was the one girl that took Eddy B's heart at the bar that one time. Jeff recounts some Bahstan stories and we discuss guy code rules. Click here to get a free audiobook and support the show!

  • 011: Strika

    Idris Elba, as James Bond, on a mission headed for DR. Just one of the many topics we cover on Beasts of No Nation as well as Elba's powerhouse performance, our personal connection with Agu's story, and its importance as Netflix's first feature. Click here to get a free audiobook and support the show!

  • 010: Fun Coupons

    BUY BUY BUY, SELL SELL SELL! This week we watched The Wolf of Wall Street! We talk the Wall Street experience, drug addiction, performances and remorse. Eddy B also fills us in on some controversy regarding the film that we had no idea existed. Click here to get a free audiobook and support the show!

  • 009: Jelly Donut

    Strap your boots up because this week we're going to 'Nam with Full Metal Jacket! We talk about the two halves of the movie, the legacy of Stanley Kubrick, how it stacks up to other Vietnam movies and our experience with films depicting wars we have lived through. We also announce our new sponsor,! Click here to get a free audiobook and support the show!

  • 008: Love On Standby

    We're coming to you this week with Chungking Express! We discuss how the men in Chungking Express attempt to get over their former lovers with pineapple cans, jogging, and toy airplanes. As for the women, let's just say you won't mind Faye Wong secretly fixing up your apartment. Quirky romance at its finest!

  • 007: Shite

    This week Jeff jumps on the hate train for the drug classic, Trainspotting! We discuss how in the world he didn't like the movie, why we feel it's a classic, imagery, grit and the fast pacing.

    What is normal?

  • 006: Smile, But Not Too Much

    This week we celebrate Halloween weekend with the French Horror film, Eyes Without A Face! We discuss score, the role of guilt inside of Dr. GĂ©nnessier, how the psychology of the characters played a part in this being an unconventional horror film, and gore.


  • 005: Absolutely Positively

    In this episode we talk about Jackie Brown's wonderful cinematography, the cinematic quality of its musical score, and of course the always burning question; where does it rank among Tarantino's filmography ?