Your Screen Is Not Dead was formed by Jeffrey Herrera, Carlos Renaso, and Carlos Salcedo to be a weekly podcast where they could do what they normally do in their daily social gatherings; express their passionate opinions on films. At every meetup, their conversations would always turn to movies and remain there for an extended period of time. Thus, the idea was born to share their film enthusiasm with fellow movie-lovers online.

For each episode, they will analyze and break a film down to its basic essentials, while discussing their favorite scenes, particular meanings, and themes. They will cover a wide and rich range of films; everything from the martial arts film Five Deadly Venoms to the classic American comedy Annie Hall is up for discussion. What sets them apart from other film podcasts, besides hailing from Uptown, New York City, is their ability to engage each other in a thought-provoking way enhancing each other's film viewing experience. This is their way of reaching their peers in the same way.

In addition, this is their attempt to embrace the consumption of films through all formats of screening, whether theatrical or VOD. Your Screen Is Not Dead brings together their love for films and an open-mindedness to broadcast it online while catering to all movie-lovers and consumers of media.

Kick back, grab a cold one, and prepare to engage...

The Crew:

Jeffrey Herrera

Jeffrey Herrera is a graphic designer living in New York City with a passion for all things visual. A minimalist at heart, his opinons are informed by efficiency of message and form. Being an art history buff, he makes connections between moments in time to offer a more in-depth look at references. When he's not designing, making music or watching films, he can be found playing with cats, eating tacos or baking cookies.

Carlos Renaso

Carlos Renaso, also known as "Eddy B" by close friends, is a New York City filmmaker currently working on developing his feature film, Uptown Roamers. A graduate of Hunter College's film program, you can check out his short film work on Vimeo and his blog on his website link below, where he posts daily write-ups on his favorite films. When he's not thinking of ways to conquer the film industry, he's writing Seinfeld-esque jokes because he foolishly believes he's funny.

Carlos Salcedo

Carlos Salcedo is an Arts Management graduate of SUNY Purchase College who likes to consider himself a film buff. A commentator of all things pop culture, music, and movies, he was exposed to a lot of the films that will eventually be covered in the podcast at an early age. A childhood friend of both Jeffrey and Eddy B; he then paid his film experience forward with them and the rest is history. When he is not working on the podcast he's helping students in all boroughs apply and get into college as a college advisor.

Christian Arango - Producer

Christian Arango is a Westchester Native with an affinity for writing, reading, and watching the movie Office Space. With experience in the writing and performance of spoken word poetry, his love for film dialogue led him to working in the rafters of this podcast, helping to tie together loose-ends and make sure that there is always a red stapler on hand.